Can I speak to Kate?

Mel Greig was presenting the Hot30 Countdown on one of Australia’s biggest radio stations, 2day FM, when she and her co-host Mike Christian called King Edward VII’s Hospital in London pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. They were put through to the ward where Kate Middleton was being treated for morning sickness and were able to obtain confidential patient information on the Duchess of Cambridge.

The prank call they made instantly went viral, with people sharing it on social media all over the world. Mel and her colleagues celebrated the international success of their prank until two days later she got a call telling her that the nurse who first took the call had taken her own life. Life as she knew it changed for Mel from that day and this Saturday in a rare radio interview, the DJ tells Colm Flynn what that time in her life was like, her reaction to hearing the terrible news, how she fell into depression and how now, three years later, she has finally been able to secure work in Australia and try to get her life back on track.


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